Monday, 27 February 2012

Samsung's Projector Smartphone: Galaxy Beam + [Hands-On Video]

Samsung recently unveiled its latest smartphone at the Mobile World Congress with a twist - an integrated projector which was claimed to be able to project contents up to 50-inch wide and is even bright enough to work in outdoor environments. It allows users to spontaneously share photos, videos or other digital multimedia with family or friends by beaming content stored on the device directly onto walls, ceilings or improvised flat surfaces, enabling users to share content without the need to huddle around smartphones or pad-sized screens.
“GALAXY Beam provides mobile freedom, enabling a unique shared experience around digital content for everyone—anywhere and instantly—from a smartphone as slim and portable as any on the market,” - JK Shin, President of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics.
Here's an official hands-on video on how the Samsung Galaxy Beam functions.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Pokemon Black 2 + Pokemon White 2 Announced

"Pokémon fans, get excited for two incredible new adventures! Announcing Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2, coming soon for the Nintendo DS™ family of systems. The games can also be played in 2D on the Nintendo 3DS™ system." -

Thursday, 23 February 2012

DG Smart Plan and my Android Phone

We all know the yellow Digi man. He's pretty much a stalker isn't he? Follows you everywhere, appearing on your television and the radio every once in a while...and has even became synonymous with Digi itself. But that's a good thing. It's witty personality and its smart nature aptly defines what Digi is all about - smart, and bright.

Digi very well understands what we as consumers want and tries its best to adhere to our demands - affordable prices, stable, high-speed broadband, a strong customer service experience, and of course, to offer the latest smartphones at the cheapest rate.

Google employees placing the Ice Cream Sandwich mascot in place in front of Google's hq

Recently, Google unveiled its Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update while Samsung Galaxy Nexus was the first, and up till now the only phone to be integrated with it. If you ask me, this update is extremely important for Android smartphones as the last I remembered was the mere 2.3 something Gingerbread - which is totally outdated among its rivals.

I've been considering this phone for quite some time and I found Digi's plan pretty decent.The usual retail price should be around RM2,099 and with Digi, I would get RM100 off. It would only cost me 15 sens per minute for a call, which is comparably lower than most telco services.

Data Usage
Also, it is less risky if I accidentally reached the maximum monthly quota as they will be no extra charges whatsoever. I don't really use THAT much of internet anyway but it's always better to be cautious, and I'm pretty sure Digi should be a smarter partner in lowering any extra, unnecessary costs. Talking about data usage, Galaxy Nexus have a feature to allow users to check its data usage, and even setting the maximum data limit! That will definitely come in handy.

Continue reading here...

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Official Skyrim World Interactive Map Launches for iPad and iPhone

It wouldn't be a surprise if one is still exploring the vast world of Skyrim since the day of its launch. The incredibly massive realm of Bethesda's 2011 Game of the Year will spur a die hard fan to uncover each and every corner of the extremely detailed, precise map.

The map is massively huge, of course. To make it easier, Bethesda has finally launched its Official World Interactive Map which is "100% complete", "revealing every primary location, secondary location, point of interest, world encounter, vendor, trainer, skill book, and unique item across the realm." With the latest addition of up to 150 interactive maps detailing everything from the wilderness to the mountains, you'll never be lost no matter where you go...

Key Features:
•Official world map of Skyrim and all 9 hold capital cities for free
•In-app purchases of over 160 interior maps, over 350 primary locations, 200 secondary locations and over 1,000 points of interest
•Toggle points of interest on or off and zoom in on the map as far as 3200%
•Add your own custom points of interest by dropping a pin anywhere on the map
•Fully integrated search function
•Screenshots of all 9 hold capital cities as well as primary and secondary locations
•Easily keep track of what you’ve discovered along the way

[In-app purchases include everything from primary locations and secondary locations to over 1,000 points of interest, download yours for free here.]

Monday, 20 February 2012

The Women of Electronic Arts, Interviewed

If you think the gaming industry is all about the guys, think again. At EA, creative, diverse teams are the driving force behind our success and we work hard to be the destination for the most talented women in the industry. Meet just a few of our superstar women in this video to discover just how challenging, rewarding--and fun--it is to be a part of the EA team. So women gamers, don't hesitate if you would like to take gaming a step further by developing them - EA's more than willing to take you in. Cheers!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Ubisoft Mobile Unveils Assassin's Creed: Recollection For iPad

Assassin's Creed Recollection is Ubisoft's latest mobile game (on the iPad) which features a real-time board game that will allow players to continue the journey of Assassin's Creed while "living an entirely new experience in the world" of it.. Fans of the franchise will be able to discover and amass a wide variety of artwork created for the Assassin's Creed games where they'll be competing in political battles which features key characters and locations from the franchise.

[Get Assassin's Creed: Recollection for free here]

Assassin's Creed 3 October Release Confirmed

Assassin's Creed is a well-known brand and has been known for a yearly release of its franchise. Personally, they never fail to impress me and next in the line will be the 3rd Assassin's Creed. Rumours have long since been circulating that 2012 be the year of its release; and true enough, Ubisoft recently confirmed (in an investor conference call) that Assassin's Creed 3 will be released in October - or to be more precise, October 30.

“Assassin’s Creed 3 is the true next generation of both the Assassin’s Creed brand and interactive entertainment/storytelling in general,” - Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot

Ubisoft certainly looks ambitious and though there isn't any evidence on where and what the game will be, it is rumoured that there will be a new protagonist and will change settings to the American revolution. What do you think?

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Diablo 3 Collector's Edition, Detailed

"A fallen star burns across the sky, signaling the rebirth of a long-forgotten evil, and calling mortal heroes to arms once more. This limited edition collector’s set commemorates your return to the darkened world of Sanctuary. Inside, you’ll find a treasure trove of rare and legendary items to aid you in your apocalyptic battles at the End of Days."   -Diablo III
Dubbed as "the Ultimate Diablo 3 Experience", it's collector's edition features an arsenal of the following. Pretty basic for a collector's edition but if you're a player on all 3 of's platform - Diablo, World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2, then this will probably worth better.

  • Diablo 3 PC/Mac Game
  • Behind the scenes DVD and Blu-Ray Two Disc Set
  • Collectors Edition Soundtrack
  • The Art of Diablo 3
  • Diablo Skull and 4GB USB Soulstone
  • Diablo 3 Aesthetic Artifacts (in-game)
  • World of Warcraft pet (in-game)
  • Starcraft 2 Battlenet Portraits (in-game)

[More info here]

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The World Is In Play: PS Vita's Genius Advertisement

The latest advertisement/commercial for Sony's latest portable game console, the PS Vita in conjunction with its (kinda) major launch on the 22nd of February in North America, Europe, Singapore and Taiwan. It depicts the various scenes in what is claimed as the "the best launch line up ever", which includes Uncharted Golden Abyss, EA FIFA Football, WipEout 2048 and Little Deviants.

[Video Comments]: Sony's a genius; or rather, whoever Sony hires to make all it's advertisements is a god damn genius. Video games doesn't necessarily need to be virtual, they can also be literal you know.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Singapore First To Get PS Vita in SEA, On 22nd February

PlayStation's latest portable gaming console, the PS Vita, will be launching in Europe and North America on the 22nd of February, and if you're hoping that it will also be launching in SEA on the same day, it unfortunately looks highly unlikely as nothing has been said about it yet.

However, the only exception is that PlayStation Asia recently announced that our neighbours across the strait, Singapore, will be getting their hands on the device in conjunction with the official launch event - which will be held on the 22nd of February.
"To provide more opportunities for public to have experience on PS Vita, Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong (SCEH) is going to hold a launch event to kick-off PS Vita official launch in Singapore." - PS Asia Blog
This, unfortunately, still leaves launches in the rest of South East Asia unannounced.

[More details on Singapore's launch here]
Here's hoping that it's gonna be soon, especially in Malaysia! (:

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Diablo 3 Delayed: Releasing Around April and June

Diablo 3's release was first rumoured to be sometime in 2011 which evidently, is only a rumour. Blizzard's CEO Thomas Tippl then commented that the release date of the highly-anticipated game will be “early 2012”, which spurred the industry into suggesting that it would be around February as the most-probable date. However, the latest revelation from Blizzard 'confirms' that Diablo 3 is only set to release in the second quarter of 2012 - in between April and June.
“We are targeting a Q2 launch for Diablo III,”
What do you think? Will it be delayed again? Anyhow, Diablo 3's delay should go no further than 2012 and despite the many delays and high hopes of anticipation, bets are that once the game is ready, no one would say a word more.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Glitchy Battlefield 3: Aftershock Released on iOS for Free

Who knew Battlefield 3 would be such a hit that the developers decided to bring the battle onto iOS devices. Yep, EA has continued the blockbuster First Person Shooter with a mobile, online multiplayer. Though it isn't a thoroughly extended package - only equipped with one map, one mode and five guns, the mobile game is available for FREE.

According to the many user reviews, the game can be glitchy and one even commented that "the game is absolutely terrible". Well, since it's free, there's no harm trying it. (:


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Execute With Style and Gore in Darkness II [Videos]

WARNING: Not for those weak-hearted. Click here now.

You're still reading this or you've probably clicked the youtube video already, didn't you. Yea, thought so. Anyways, if you have played The Darkness: Digital Extremes [ I ] before, Darkness II will pretty much be the same in terms of its gore, blood, and brutality. Killing someone is probably extremely normal for a Darkness gamer but what differentiates one from another is exactly HOW you end their life.

Just to give you an idea on what this game is all about and how is it that you have "tentacles", Darkness II is a first-person shooter game where you'll most probably not use your guns at all (for me at least). Though you are equipped with two weapons, your ultimate signature is the Demon Arms (the "tentacles") which is also like your "third-hand[s]". The four videos here are simply some of the many ways to fully-utilise your signature weapon to the max of its potential - executing your foes inside out

brutalizing like an anaconda..

slicing with style..

tearing them apart, bit by bit...

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Random Snapshots: Shit Gamers Say To Their Girlfriends

Shit some people say this, shit some other people say's storming Youtube these days and if I was asked to describe such videos, it would be: lame, and lifeless. And well, when it comes to gamers, I'm pretty sure you already had an image on how it's going to be like...
Stereotypical, but so true.