Friday, 29 June 2012

Guild Wars 2 Gets a Launch Date After One Final Beta Weekend Event

Back all the way in 2007, Guild Wars 2 was first announced, with news that developers ArenaNet has begun working on it. Now, after about 5 years later, the epic MMORPG is set to be back and with an official launch date of August 28th, Tuesday (as always for games).

But just before that, there is going to be the final Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event which is currently set from July 20th to the 22th. The several beta weekend events before had proven quite enjoyable, with minimum lag and a rather interesting gaming community. Hence, after all these stress-tests which was quite successful (as claimed by them), it seems that the final game would really prove to be ready, unleashing the heros into the wars.

And as the President of ArenaNet puts it:
These are exciting times; we’re on the cusp of a new era in online roleplaying games, and we’re glad you’re on this journey with us.
Well, I'm just going to say I'm excited about this, and will be looking forward to explore more of it when it launches. But for now, I reckon we get ourselves ready first.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Crystal White PS Vita Is Coming To Malaysia in July

As you may have already known, or even seen them, the PlayStation Vita has landed on our shores quite some time ago in May. So if you head to probably any official Sony stores, or any recognized dealers, you would be able to purchase one for yourself. However, the usual black version of the portable console is only available now, so you basically only have a single option and for those who rather digress the conventional black, here's the good news for you.

The Crystal White version will be available for us Malaysians starting from July 12th, retailing at a similar price of RM1099. Along with the release of the new colour edition, an all new White Accessories Pack would also be available for purchase, priced at RM89 when purchased with a Crystal White PS Vita and a game.

So, are you excited about this? The Crystal White addition should give Sony's portable console a new breath of fresh air, but the main concern remains: are portable consoles really necessary now, given the rise of the likes of tablet and smartphone games?

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Razer Blade Starts Shipping To Singapore On June 14, Price Costs a Bomb at SGD4000

Razer, known most profoundly for its gaming gears, ventured to unveil its first ever gaming laptop last year. Known as the Razer Blade, it features an Intel Core i7 and a Nvidia GeForce graphics processor on an impressive 17.3 inch display. And unlike most gaming laptops, the Blade is much, much thinner, at only 0.88 inches and only weighs at a mere 6.4lbs which evidently, aims to achieve the optimum portability while correctly balancing it with top-notch gaming performance.

Well, the Razer Blade was first only available in North America; and only after about a year later, Razer is going start shipping it outside. And guess what, the second country around the world to receive the Razer Blade is Singapore. Actually, it was quite unsurprising as Razer's CEO Min-Liang Tan hails from Singapore itself.

Oh, but what about its price? That's the tricky part here as like all gaming laptops, they usually cost a bomb; and for the Razer Blade, it's definitely gona make a hole in your wallet.


Yes, that's right. Converted to Malaysian Ringgit, it would be close to RM9500 if you want some Malaysian dealer to ship it here. That, by far, would possibly be one of the most expensive gaming laptops in the world especially since it is reported to retain its previous-gen Sandy Bridge processor and not the latest Ivy Bridge technology, which could possibly be the main concern for us purchases. And again, the timing couldn't be any worse considering that the MBP was just announced with an even slimmer body and a comparably cheaper price.

But then again, it caters to an entirely different market, on a niche of gamers. And only if I had the cash, I'm definitely up for it. Only if...

*It would be purchasable from Razer's online store, or to test it our first, head over to the Best Denki store at Ngee Ann City. So if you are planning to get it, drop your comments below! (:

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event Starts!

I recently just received my beta key for Guild Wars 2 and it was just so appropriate as the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend has just started. You see, unlike some other games, Guild Wars 2's beta is not playable all the time. It is usually only available when the people behind it announced a so called "Beta Weekend Event".

So anyway, here's a few screenshots on me installing the game before I write a full post on my first impression on the game. Cheers!


In total it's about 10GB and that took quite a while to finish downloading. But finally its ready to play!

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Now Playable In Selected South East Asian Cyber Cafes

As recently announced, Counter Strike: Global Offensive will be officially releasing on August 21st. However, the official distributor for this region, E-Sports Malaysia, has allowed the game to be playable first at some selected cyber cafes around South East Asia, but only including in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Phillipines. These cyber cafes are all registered under the Valve Cybercafe Program and for the full list of it, check it out here.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) releases August 21, downloadable from Steam, PSN (PlayStation Network) and XBLA (Xbox Live Arcade).

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Watch the Exclusive E3 Dishonored Gameplay Trailer

Dishonored is one of the top games I was looking forward to this E3, it's certain dark, mysterious angle in its trailers ticked me off at the very beginning, and this trailer was simply amazing to say the least. Dishonored is a RPG game in a futuristic, fantasy-like world where the protagonist is driven by revenge, and only revenge is his sole motivation.

Evidently, it is very action based, but Dishonored is definitely more than just mere action. Lying behind the story are elements of stealth, magic, and sleek combat. Though the developers haven't revealed the mechanics of the game, yet, we feel that Dishonored will be a mix of Deus Ex and Assassin's Creed with magic, and what could possibly result from it? Pure awesomeness.

Dishonored is slated for release on October 9th, on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Releases August 21

Valve was pretty quiet this E3, but they at least did announce the official release date of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. CS:GO has been in beta for quite some time so it's kinda expected that they will be releasing the game soon. It will be available via Steam, PSN (PlayStation Network) and XBLA (Xbox Live Arcade) for only around $15 (RM45).

That said, Valve made no announcements on the availability of Dota 2 unfortunately.

[E3 2012] Assassin's Creed 3 Official Trailer

Assassin's Creed 3 is one of the most, if not the top, most anticipated game for this year's E3. And oh my did it live up to our expectations. Here's the official E3 trailer for Assassin's Creed 3 and by just watching it, I couldn't help but really imagine again what would happen if a real Assassin's Creed movie was released in the cinema. If such an animation is that powerful already, just imagine the possibilities of a real movie...

Razer Artemis, Concept Mechwarrior Online Controller Unveiled

Razer has recently unveiled its latest concept project, the Razer Artemis Controller designed specifically to work hand-in-hand with Mechwarrior Online. According to Razer, it is inspired by "the devastating battlemechs", and is crafted with the sole purpose "of putting you directly in the cockpit of your favored hulking behemoth".

Evidently, it is made for piloting those giant kickass beasts in the game, and the concept controller itself is very mechanical-and-behemoth-like. It is equipped with fully-programmable keys, adjustable joystick with force feedback feature, and an integrated screen. Do note that this is still a concept device so it is definitely is not available in the market. However, check out the video below for some insight on how it is like.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

[E3 2012] Watch Nintendo's Press Conference Live

Nintendo will mark the final press conference of this year's E3, and would possibly have the power to make the greatest impact as it finally, fully unveils the Wii U. Previously, bits and parts of the Wii U was only announced, with most of the talk being undecided or still "under development". This time, it is expected that Nintendo will go full force with its Wii U, and push it with the list of titles expected to come with it. However, that is only our mere prediction, whether or not it comes true, we can only find out.

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[Review] Roccat Savu Hands-On

The Savu is Roccat's latest gaming mouse which packs a solid, clean black outlook on a medium-sized body. It has a basic, minimalistic design but do not be fooled by its simplicity because behind it, is an array of features which spices things up.

First of all, though the sides of the Roccat savu looks simple, it is made out a material which provides a sand-paper texture. Yeap, it feels like sand-paper which may feel rather weird at first but you would get use to it and you would actually be thankful as it provides an extremely good grip. So if you have a sweaty palm and you're in the midst of a hardcore gaming, you wouldn't need to worry.

At the bottom back of the mouse is a light bar which is programmable to 16.8 million different colours. Yes it looks and sound impressive but unfortunately, it is not really noticeable when you game as your hands would possibly cover it. However, when you just leave it on and plugged it in to your computer, and especially when you set it to 'pulse mode', just watch its colour changes, and you'll feel how amazing 16.8 million colours can be.

The Roccat Savu has two macro buttons on its sides which then can be preset for in-game functions at its Roccat hardware driver which you would need to install first. Along with it, Roccat has also included this Easy-Shift [+] technology which basically uses one of the macro button to allow the other buttons/scrollwheel more than one function. So basically, when you use the Easy-Shift [+] button, and when you scroll, you can set it to another function, say to turn the volume up or maybe to change weapons in FPS games.

But ultimately, it is (in my personal opinion that) the Roccat Achievement Display which offers the best feature for the Roccat Savu. Basically, it is an achievement leaderboard which tracks the usage of the mouse, including the number of left-clicks done, the number of scroll steps performed, how much distance have you in total moved and more. Then, after you reach a certain stat, for example, after you clicked 50,000 times, you would receive a virtual "Click Fanatic" trophy which you can then share and brag to your friends on Facebook. But on that, we'll talk about it in another post in more detail but mean while, watch our hands-on video review on the gaming mouse below.

That was our first ever video review and our first video on our newly-launched Youtube Channel TheShadowGamerTV so do support us by subscribing (:

And yup that is it for our Roccat Savu review. To sum it all up again, it features the following:
  1. Great grip via its sand-paper texture on both sides.
  2. Clean, minimalistic and ergonomic design
  3. 16.8 million different colours to set for the light bar.
  4. Easy Shift [+] technology to allow buttons/scrollwheel more than one function
  5. Roccat Achievement Display is a must-try, must-use feature. World-first gaming mouse tracking system.
However, there were some setbacks which was quite a pity:
- Light bar not noticeable when gaming.
- Using the Easy-Shift [+] technology in games may prove rather inconvenient.

Related: Unboxing of the Roccat Savu

[E3 2012] Watch Ubisoft's Press Conference Roundup

So if you've missed the live event, here's an exact recording with announcements on:

  • Watch Dogs which looks absolutely mind-blowing.
  • Debut of the Wii U's Rayman Legends, with details.
  • Just Dance 4, slated for an October release.
  • ZombieU exclusively for Nintendo Wii U
  • Far Cry 3 Preview: The Social Philosophy of Shark Punching
  • Splinter Cell: Blacklist behind the scenes trailer
  • Far Cry 3 trailer 
  • Assassin's Creed 3 frontier gameplay video trailer. (Stole the show for me personally)
What are your thoughts? Give us your comments below! (:

[E3 2012] Watch EA's Press Conference Live

What to expect?

  • Dead Space 3
  • Fifa 13
  • Need For Speed
  • Crysis 3

[E3 2012] Splinter Cell: Blacklist Unveiled with Xbox Kinect Voice Control Integration

Prior to Ubisoft's E3 2012 press conference, a sneak peak of the all-new Splinter Cell: Blacklist has been unveiled during Microsoft's, which features Kinect voice integration (we'll talk about it shortly).

The preview showed a very quick and fluid gameplay with an array of abilities and slow-mo action, with settings taking place on the Iran-Iraq border, where the protagonist Sam Fisher is on a mission to capture a terrorist leader (yet again..) to prevent any further attacks from its militant rebels Blacklist.

From the gameplay, besides it being mostly FPS, it is in fact very Assassin's Creed 3 like.
"That's killing in motion, when you've mastered Sam's abilities you can move smoothly through the environment while taking out targets quickly and fluidly," - Ubisoft

We mentioned that Splinter Cell would offer Kinect voice control integration previously. So basically, you will be able to utilise it in game, in which you can try to attract attention and distract enemies by shouting "Hey you!". But, that seems like the only feature presently, or so it seems to me. lol

Splinter Cell: Blacklist will feature a single-player campaign, co-operative, and competitive multiplayer with a certain Spies vs Mercs mode. It is slated for a spring release in 2013. Expect more details at the Ubisoft E3 press conference next.

[E3 2012] Microsoft Unveils Xbox Smart Glass, Companion App for Windows PC, Tablet and Smartphone

Microsoft has just recently announced the Xbox Smart Glass, a companion app for Windows 8 PC, tablets and future smartphones. Basically, it allows users extra functions while watching movies or playing games, letting users access additional content and information with the associated game or video.

*More details would be updated as the press conference continues.
*Watch Microsoft's E3 2012 press conference here.

[E3 2012] Watch Microsoft's Press Conference Live

Oh yes, E3 is back and Microsoft is kickstarting the event with its press conference. Watch it all from the live stream above, but our predictions and expectations are as follow:

  • Halo 4 campaign gameplay.
  • Splinter Cell: Blacklist
  • Gears of War: Judgment
  • Fable The Journey
  • New Kinect titles
*Follow us on Twitter for our thoughts on what's showcased.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Updates of E3 2012, All From Malaysia!

Every year, the gaming industry come together in one big event, and you can expect all the top developers, corporations to be there, while all the most-anticipated titles to be launched, announced and showcased to everyone in the world. Though we are unable to be there at location (if you want us there next year to specially cover for you, contact us!), we here at Malaysia will still try our best to amalgamate all the top news of E3 2012 exclusively for you. So, wait up and sleep tight, because tomorrow would be a hell of a ride!

Halo 4 Beta Gameplay Video Leaked

There is absolutely no doubt that Halo 4 is one of the most highly-anticipated game this year for Xbox gamers, and only a select few were lucky enough to get on its beta preview. So just few days before the largest gaming event of the year, the E3 2012, where more Halo 4 details are expected to be announced, someone was brave enough to upload a gameplay preview for us. Of course, don't expect for top-notch game quality but it's better than nothing, right? Anyway, looking from the leaked video, one thing certain is that Master Chief is back with a bang.

Sorry there folks! Looks like that was some serious Halo 4 stuff Microsoft really didnt want anyone to know...

Saturday, 2 June 2012

First Dishonored Gameplay Trailer Unveiled

"Dishonored casts you as a supernatural assassin driven by revenge. You are Corvo, the once-trusted bodyguard of the beloved Empress. Framed for her murder, you become an infamous assassin, known only by the disturbing mask that has become your calling card. In a time of uncertainty, when the city is besieged by plague and ruled by a corrupt government armed with strange technologies, dark forces bestow supernatural abilities upon you."

If you haven't heard about it yet, Dishonored is Bethesda Softwork's latest piece of art, and it sets you in a futuristic, supernatural world with gameplay like Assassin's Creed and Deus Ex. So similarly, it's about flexible combat and extreme abilities with high-tech weapons and gadgets to dispose off any nuisance.

Dishonored is slated for release on October 9th, on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Friday, 1 June 2012

DOTA 2 Confirmed as Free-to-Play with Dota Store

When DOTA 2 was first announced quite some time back, Valve mentioned that the game may need players to pay. Of course, most of us were rather disappointed as after all, we've played (the original) Dota for a long, long time, all for free.

But nevertheless, it's beta was free and since we've got an invite, we didn't really complain much. But now that the beta has been going on for quite some time speculations and rumors have arise that Valve may have changed their mind about getting players to pay.

Fortunately, Valve did. On their official Dota 2 blog, Valve recently confirmed that Dota 2 will be a free-to-play title. But if it is free-to-play, then how would Valve get their money back? Would they use a system like League of Legends or their (in my personal opinion) copycat rival Heroes of Newerth's, who restrict players access to certain heroes?

The short answer is no, all heroes would be available free of charge. However, similarly, players will have the option to buy new skins for the heroes, or for this case, 'cosmetics' for 'customisation' which would be available in their newly-introduced Dota Store (which we would talk about it in more detail later).

Till then, happy gaming!